Friday, 9 October 2015

Mock Exams – Key points from our August student survey

A lot of you will be starting off your revision for the latest set of exams, but perhaps you may be a bit unsure of how to progress and get the most out of your time leading up to the big day. To give you some inspiration, I have assembled a few results from our recent Mock Exam student survey that may be of some interest to you if you are stuck for ideas.

In a recent student survey from August, we asked our students what they felt were the most important factors in helping them pass their exams. One of the common themes among our survey results was the inclusion of mock exams.

Our Objective Test students were particularly welcoming of the practice exams, with 70% praising them as a good method of exam preparation.
76% of OT students would also recommend mock exams to future students.

One of the bonuses of Astranti mock exams for the new syllabus is that they are designed to be as similar to the real CIMA exams as possible, ensuring that students can test both their theoretical knowledge through a number of challenging questions (57% of OT students found our mocks to be to the same level or harder than their final exams), as well as testing their ability to perform under exam conditions (which we all know can be stressful at best!).

Here are a few of our student’s comments:

“I would highly recommend using Astranti because Nicks videos and the mocks prepared me extremely well for the exam. If you can't afford the full course I would recommend buying the preseen analysis videos and marked mock exams.” – Daniel

“The timed Astranti Mocks offered the best preparation. Marked feedback of Mocks is essential for improvement” – Jonathan
“All the materials, teaching styles, ways to tackle the exam questions, videos
and feedback from the markers were crucial in ensuring that I kept improving in
the run up to the actual exam. I did the 5 mocks twice and that helped
build confidence for the day.
- Eliza
“The balance diet (including all video analysis, strategic analysis, top 10 issues, and of course THE MOCK papers) are key to pass. I already have recommended your balanced diet materials to my colleagues and will recommend to others too. - Chaman

The importance of mock exams was reciprocated among our case study students; 42% of Astranti case study students wished that they would have completed more mock exams than they did during the lead up to their exams.

Although all students prepare for exams in their own way, mock exams can be a really worthwhile and beneficial addition to your revision routine, just ask our students!

However you choose to prepare for your next exam, good luck!

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