Friday, 22 January 2016

Student Survey Results - What does it take to pass the Objective Tests?

You may remember a post back in June where we brought you the results from our student survey asking what it takes to pass the OT exams..

Well if not, then I'd like to share with you the latest results from that same survey, which has now had over a hundred responses from OT students from all levels, Operational, Management and Strategic.

The Key Points

The first results are based on the hours spent on revision per week: 

We can see from these results that 36% of respondents revised for over 10 hours per week leading up to the exam, 32% between 5-10 hours, 27% between 2-5 and 5% less than 2 hours per week. 

This is useful to get an idea of the amount of time that past students have felt is required or that they used for revision.

However, some of this might be skewed (especially the top result) due to a common revision technique that I'm sure we have all been guilty of in the past... cramming!

So to put this in perspective, we asked students the average number of weeks allocated before the exam date, to prepare for their exam:

At Astranti we suggest starting revision between 6 - 8 weeks before your exam, and from the results we can see that a large number have listened to that advice, with 28% starting their revision 6 or more weeks before their exam date.

However, the greater majority have allocated between 2 - 4 weeks for their exam preparation. This is probably sufficient for most, as they can fit more time in for their revision. Our recommended revision time is there as a guideline, as a large number of students are required to fit their revision in around their everyday lives, including their work and family lives. 6 - 8 weeks therefore is more manageable for these people. 

It does however, massively depend on the individual and the time available to them given their normal lives, so it's actually hard to make a solid suggestion for all in this respect.

Next we looked at the use of mock exams by our students, and how many they would recommend in order to pass the OT exams:

This chart shows the percentage of students (x-axis) who chose to do a certain number of mock exam (y-axis). The figures have rather a strong correlation, with more students recommending higher numbers of mock exams. 58% in fact chose to complete 3 or more mock exams in the lead up to their final exam.

But mocks are not the only revision tool that you can use, a final question we asked was the usefulness of each of the revision materials provided by us. The results were very close, but here is the final top 5 materials:

1st - Tuition Videos
2nd - Chapter Revision Questions
3rd - Study Texts
4th - Mock Exams
5th - Revision Masterclasses

For details on all of these materials and more, visit the Operational Objective Test Homepage here.

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