Tuesday, 10 May 2016

Don't let stress be the reason for failing your CIMA exams!

Stress can be your biggest enemy when it comes to your CIMA exams! In my fifteen years of teaching, I've seen excellent students fail their exams due to an inability to manage their stress levels! This is such a shame as they often work long and hard to achieve success.

Remember, everyone gets nervous in the build up to important events. Whether it's starting a new job, attending an interview or making a wedding speech, it's perfectly natural to feel butterflies in your stomach before the big day.

Sportsmen often say that a little stress is a good thing as it actually improves their performance. Similarly many famous actors suffer from stage fright just before giving outstanding performances on the stage.

Like these successful people, the secret is it to control the stress not let the stress control you!

So, let's think about stress in terms of your CIMA exams. Take a look at these 5 great tips that could be key the to passing:

1. Make a Plan

In times of stress, a nice structured plan could really help you relax.

This could include a plan of what you are going to do in the week leading up to the CIMA exam. It could even be as detailed as what you will do on the day of the CIMA exam itself.

Knowing that you've planned your time could help to re-assure you that when you step into the exam room, you've done everything you possibly could.

And isn't that all you can ask of yourself?

2. Last bits of Revision

It could be argued that what you do in the week leading up to the exam will have the most bearing on how you'll do in the CIMA exam.

Those last few notes you read, or that final mock exam you complete will be the freshest in your memory and could make all the difference.

So, make sure your last week of revision is really strong. This will help you feel confident and control your stress levels as you go into the exam.

3. Save some Energy

That being said, you don't want to burn out before you actually reach your CIMA exam.

You need to find the balance between that last minute revision, and saving enough energy for when you get to the exam.

That means plenty of sleep, and no marathon revision sessions the night before! If you're overtired and have had a lack of sleep you are more likely to suffer from stress. This will have a negative affect on your performance despite all the hours you've put in!

4. Plan a Treat

Is there a restaurant that you really want to visit? Is there something you've been wanting to treat yourself to recently?

It could be a good idea to plan a treat after you have completed your CIMA exam!

This way you'll know that whatever happens, all your hard work will rewarded in the end.

Having a goal in sight can help to keep you motivated when stress starts to kick in.

5. Temper your Expectations

Of course your objective is to be successful in your CIMA exams and the long term to become qualified. However, these exams aren't a walk in the park and many students have setbacks along the way.

So, temper your expectations. Failing an exam is not a total disaster. It happens to many talented students. You will get there in the end, so don't put yourself under additional pressure if it doesn't work out the first time.

My advice is to keep things in perspective!

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