Friday, 17 March 2017

A trio of materials to combat the CIMA exam!

 It's not long until the CIMA pre-seen is released! How is your revision going? Do you feel like your mind is blossoming with knowledge or do you currently feel like a stick in the mud who is feeling a little overwhelmed? Have no fear, we are here to help!

Our very first piece of advice would be to start your revision now. Yes, right now, before you start reading that 900-page book, begin studying origami or planning a walk that will take you as far away from the CIMA exam as possible. But without a pre-seen available from CIMA yet, how can you start revising? Well, we may have the materials just for you! The answer is in our Ethics pack, Course Videos and Study Texts. With these three, we have a trio to combat CIMA!

 Before the pre-seen is released, there is a golden time available, which you can use to build up your industry knowledge.  We would recommend our study texts, which are free when you sign up with us. These take you through the whole of the syllabus and only include the most important information. Think of us as diamond searchers in a cave! Not only do these study texts help to refresh your memory, but they will also help to build a foundation for your revision when the CIMA pre-seen is released.

The next material is all about Ethics. This is a topic that is sadly not always given the attention it deserves, but it should be a high priority. Why is studying Ethics so important? The answer is that the topic of Ethics comes up so frequently in every exam. To use a metaphorical situation, not studying Ethics enough would be like learning to swim with only one armband on! Getting your Ethical knowledge up to scratch can be a great way to gain easy marks in the exam and could even be the difference between a pass or a fail. With this in mind, we have our very own Ethics pack, which covers all bases needed for the exam.

The course videos are last in our trio, but definitely not least. If you are a visual learner, especially, these types of videos can be a much more productive way of revising. At over 6 hours long, it covers just about any questions you may have about the CIMA case study exam. From time management to writing practice to your role in the exam, this video series is here to help you out! We even have a sample video, so why not check it out here:

Once you have your materials all sorted and ready to go, the exam can start to feel a lot more real than before. If you tend to panic, remember to take one step at a time and keep your goal in mind. Think of the future that lies ahead if you pass this exam. Is it a new career opportunity? A chance to learn new information and progress in your studies? Keep this goal in your thoughts and work steadily through the material.

You can find out more about these materials here:

Lastly, don't forget…. we are here to help! Best of luck, you got this!

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