Thursday, 15 June 2017

Why online studying is a great way to learn!

At Astranti, all our CIMA materials are online. This means no classrooms, no being up at the crack of dawn for an early morning class or dashing to a late evening session after a tiring day of work. It also means that there are no heavy books to carry and no study texts to suddenly lose when you need them most! Although online learning does have its drawbacks, there are a lot of advantages to studying with me, myself and I. Here's four reasons why we believe that online learning will be the future.

1). You can learn anywhere, at anytime.

There's only two things you really need when you are studying online for the CIMA exam: a computer and a good internet connection. You could be in the jungles of the Amazon (although it is unlikely that there would be an internet connection there!) or on a beautiful Australian beach- as long as you have these two things, you're good to go. Of course, there are other things that would be useful when you are studying, such as paper to make notes on or a nice, solid worktop, but you can work this all around your computer.

2). It's great for busy bees.

I recently saw a product that was aimed specifically at busy people – it was a packet of super vitamins which promised to give you more energy and vitality. They didn't look anything special, but they were very pricey – and sold out! Clearly there is a market for these and it's probably because our lives are so full of things to do – work, looking after children and running countless errands all add up. Online learning is a great resort for very busy CIMA students, because it can be so flexibly fitted around the tiny moments in the day when there is some free time. The evening seems to be popular revision time for many students and it seems like quite a peaceful time of the day, too!

3). An online based course will shine through on your CV!

Looking for a new job or a step up in your career? Make sure that your online course is on your résumé! Online courses show that you are self motivated, committed and keen to learn new skills and theories. It also gives you a great chance to talk about your experience in interviews and make yourself stand out. In other words, a CIMA online course is a fantastic addition to your CV and could even be the reason for you getting a job you love.

4). Online courses save you money.

Compared to the standard courses that are classroom based, CIMA online learning courses work out a lot cheaper! Some courses can cost up to £1800 and that is before you have put petrol in your car to drive there or taken out money for the bus. Even better, some courses offer free materials – check out our free study texts. It's always good to have a little money left over... especially if you have your eye on that one item you've been saving to purchase!

As you can see, we think online courses are a great way to learn. What do you think? Let us know in the comments!

You can find our full courses on the Astranti website. Happy studying!

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