Thursday, 23 November 2017

Find out what these OCS students thought about the November exam!

For our Astranti November students, the exams are all finished and it's time for a moment of relaxation. The ink had barely dried on the student's handwritten notes, however, when we sent out a survey to get their thoughts on the exam, our materials and any golden nuggets of advice for future students.

What we found was eye opening, to say the least! Take a look at our results below:

One of our first questions was: How difficult did you find your exam compared to your expectations?

As you can see, it's a draw between 'as expected' and 'more difficult'! This is really interesting to see and also very encouraging for us. Many of our students have used our mocks throughout their revision and found that they are very similar to the exam. This is always great to hear, because they are designed to be just like the real thing!

But what about those students who found the exam much trickier than expected? The key is to not panic – MANY students will also be feeling the same way. If you are one of these students, then take comfort in knowing that you've likely done a lot better than you think! The CIMA exam is notorious for being difficult, but that's what makes it worth studying for!

For our second question, we asked our students: What could have gone better in the exam?

Student A: This is my first time attempting the OCS. Although I was confident with the theory, I felt like some in sentences, I could have done a better job explaining my analysis or conclusion if I had mastered the theory.

Student B: If I had to improve on my typing speed I would have provided all my answers as planned!

Student C: Remembering the variance analysis calculations!

Student D: More knowledge of theory.

Some very interesting answers! It sounds like a lot of our OCS students wished that their time management had gone better or felt a bit more prepared with their theory knowledge. This is a common reaction to the OCS exam – timing wise, it really is in a league of its own. I ALWAYS tell my students to focus on their time management, alongside their theory, as both of these things entwined will win you those marks!

For all your theory knowledge, we have everything that you could need! You can check out all of our materials, including study texts, mocks, ethics packs and much more on our website.If you are about to start preparing for the February exam, or in the future, we hope that you found these tips useful! If you need any materials for your exam, you can find everything you could need and more on our website:

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