Wednesday, 25 November 2015

Operational Case Study Student Survey!

It's been over a week since the final day of the operational case study exams finished and we have been getting lots of feedback from our students about how well they felt their exams went.

Within this article I would like to share with your some of that feedback, hopefully providing some sort of reassurance to those who felt similarly about the exam, or a little guidance to those looking to take part in the next exam in February.

We'll start of with the positives...

A few of our students shared with us what went well for them in their exams:

The topics examined were very familiar”

I answered all of the questions, the planning was key for me and I followed the Astranti guide. So the time pressure was fine”

I managed to finish all the questions. I also understood what I had to do for all the questions and felt I mostly had the knowledge to answer them. I knew the pre-seen and the industry really well as I got the whole case study pre-seen analysis videos and documents”

Most questions predicted came out of my exam”

Next are a few things that didn't go so well…

Time management could have been better”

I didn't include a few theories that I should have done, and only thought of after the exam had finished”

Lots of planning practice toward the answer and complete understanding of you paper P1”

Now for a few figures...

Almost 40% of students found the exam more difficult than expected.

47% would do more mocks if given the chance again.

26% highlighted the importance of knowing the theory.

Around 20% wished they had practised their answer planning more before the exam.

Finally we asked the students to offer some advice to the future students among you…

Ethics ethics and more ethics”

Practice more on answering style”

Use the study text from Astranti to ensure that you are familiar with all the main theories used in P1, E1 and F1”

Without good understanding of technical knowledge you will be lost in the exam”

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