Thursday, 25 June 2015

5 things you must do to pass the OCS August Exam

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We recently asked our OCS students to complete a survey based on their experiences of their May OCS case study exam.

It was great to hear the advice that they would give to August OCS students so we thought we'd share this with you.

Here are 5 lessons learned from our May students. You may want to think about each of these points when revising or completing your real exam:
  1. Become an expert in time management  
Completing 4-5 sections with approximately 40 minutes per section can be very difficult, so it's essential you perfect your timings prior to the exam! This can be achieved by learning the best and most effective techniques on how to manage your timings. Advice on this can be found in our course videos.
  1. Complete as many Mock Exams as you can
The best way to prepare yourself for your case study exam is by practising potential exam questions through mocks. In our survey many students said they wished they had completed more mocks prior to their real exam. From information we've recently gathered we know student's that take multiple mocks as part of their revision programme achieve the highest pass rates in their exams.
  1. Understand the pre-seen and relate it to the questions
It was highlighted in the official May examiners report published by CIMA, that many students failed to apply the pre-seen effectively when answering the exam questions. In order to ensure you don't do this you must spend significant time working your way through the pre-seen document as gaining an understanding of the fictional company and the industry it's in is critical to passing the exam.
  1. Revise all operational theory as any topic could come up
It's important to refresh your mind with the theory that you learnt in the F1, E1 and P1 objective test exams as any of the topics within these subjects can potentially be assessed in the exam. Remember technical skills are 64% of the total score so it's vital you demonstrate you understand the theory!
  1. Make sure you answer the question! 
It's surprising how many people unintentionally don't answer the question! To prevent this we recommend you spend time identifying the requirements of questions from past papers and also create a plan for answering each of those requirements. Completing mock exams will also be very helpful in ensuring you answer the question correctly.

These five key learnings are covered in depth within our OCS course. The materials available ensure that our students are fully prepared for the exams and recognises the importance of each of these points

Each area of our OCS course has been designed to give you the best possible chance of achieving a pass in your exams.

OCS August Course 

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