Friday, 26 June 2015

CIMA official pass rates - P1 has the lowest pass rates at Operational level

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As you are probably aware, yesterday CIMA published the pass rates for the Objective Test exams. These statistics are based on students who have attempted the exams between January and May 2015. 

Here are the key points to take from yesterday's pass rates:

  • The performance pillar is achieving the lowest pass rates with only 54% of students passing P1, 57% passing P2 and P3
  • The enterprise pillar is achieving the best pass rates overall. 83% of students passing E1, 91% passing E2 and 71% passing E3 
  • P1 has the lowest pass rates at Operational level
  • P2 has the lowest pass rates at Management level
  • F3 has the lowest pass rates at Strategic level
  • Overall the F1 and P3 exams have the lowest pass rates
  • Overall the E2 has the highest pass rate
  • In more than half of the objective test subjects less than 50% of students are passing first time

Although the exam style and format has changed for these subjects, it is interesting to compare the pass rates from last year to this year. As you can see from the table above the pass rates have generally been a lot higher since the implementation of the objective test exams

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