Thursday, 31 August 2017

Getting a head start towards success!

Few people have experienced as many roller-coaster highs and lows within their career as Steve Jobs has. After being fired from his own founding company Apple, Jobs spent years trying to launch a new sleek computer called the Cube. The plans didn't take off, although Jobs did eventually return to Apple when the company was financially flailing. Instead of driving Apple into the ground, as many thought he may, Jobs instead took the company to new heights. A fantastic role model for everyone who is afraid of failing and making mistakes, Job's never ending resilience and talent for spotting opportunities ultimately carried him through to success.

So what do Steve Jobs and studying for your CIMA exam have in common? The answer lies in this quote from Jobs: “if you look really closely, most overnight successes took a long time.” The same can very much be said for your CIMA qualification! With this quote in mind, here are four things that you can be doing in order to create your own CIMA 'overnight' success.

1). If you're planning to take the November CIMA case study exam or an objective test in the autumn, start forming a study plan now.

Having lots of time on your side is a luxury that you should take full advantage of. November may seem like a long time away, and is more associated with Christmas than the sunshine of the summer, but the time will come around surprisingly fast! Even taking small steps now will make a big impact on your later revision. If you are a course student, we will be having our very own plan with key dates up on the website by early October, but you can still create your own revision plan now. Focus on key goals that will lead up to the CIMA exam – are there any aspects of the theory that you could focus on? Do you need to spend some extra time working on your answer planning? Most importantly, stick to the plan for the most part, but allow for some flexibility – you may need less time on the CIMA theory than you think!

2). Start by reading through the study texts and revising the key theories.

If you are doing the CIMA case study exam and it's been a long time since you took your objective test exam or you are looking for something to refresh your memory, our free online CIMA study texts could be just the materials you need. Having a solid foundation of the CIMA pillars will set you up for success when the CIMA pre-seen materials are released. If you are taking your objective test, reading through the study texts when there is still plenty of time before your exam is one of the crucial keys to CIMA success. Our study texts are also available in a printable format, meaning that you can highlight the paper form using a rainbow of highlighters and handwritten notes.

3). Prefer something a little more visual? Try our course videos!

Our course videos offer a lot of support for students who are taking the CIMA case study. If you prefer videos to study texts and find it easier to revise when you are listening to someone, then starting off your revision with a video that details all you need to know is a great way to begin your revision. We offer a superb course video for case study students that is always popular every sitting! For Objective Test students, we offer tuition videos for E1 and F1 (P1 videos coming soon). You can listen your way to success!

4). Take on the challenge – don't be daunted!

In the same way that Steve Jobs often had to face up to challenges, you will often find that your CIMA study plan doesn't always go so smoothly. Perhaps it is a very tricky piece of technical CIMA theory or finding that time management is not quite up to scratch. Everyone will have issues when they are revising – the key is take a positive approach and find a way to solve the problem. A lot of this lies in lots of practice and repetition – and also knowing when to take a break and come back to it! Here at Astranti, we offer all of the materials you will need in order to achieve success this winter – and turn your overnight success into your future! 

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