Friday, 1 September 2017

Check out our four motivational facts for CIMA students!

I'm sure you know how tough studying for CIMA exams can be. Revising in the evenings, in the early mornings, even during your lunch breaks - it seems like you're always working. What's more, some of the material can be really difficult to understand. Even the most hardworking students might sometimes question - is all this really worth it? 

Well the answer to that is 'yes it is'! Top accountancy jobs are among the highest paid jobs in the world, meaning your hard work will quite literally 'pay off' as you progress through your career. 

Check out our four fun accounting facts below - they're guaranteed to put a smile on the face of all prospective CIMA accountants! 

1) Once qualified, chartered accountants can earn upwards of £50,000 PA! Starting salaries in accounting are also larger than those seen in many other professions - hurray for CIMA!

2) Accountants received an average bonus of 12% in the UK in 2016, which was up 4% from the previous year. This is a considerably higher bonus than is available in most other professions and the best part is this figure looks set to rise every year!

3) Accounting is a highly profitable industry and the profits involved in the accounting sector look set to grow even further. According to Sageworks, accountancy was the most profitable industry in 2016, with net profit coming to 18.3% of sales. There is a lot of money to be made in accounting and there are always going to be high paying jobs.

4) The skills gained during accountancy qualifications can help you achieve success in a wide range of professions - including the most unexpected! Believe it or not, the likes of Mick Jagger, Eddie Izzard and Robert Plant all have accounting qualifications. Who knows, maybe you'll be the next CIMA accountant-turned-celebrity?

Of course, before any of this is within your reach, you will need to pass your CIMA exams! Some of you may have recently sat your Case Study exams. After all that hard work, there is no better time to reflect on what it is that you're striving to achieve! 

While you're waiting for your results, why not use this quiet period to get ahead with the studying for your next CIMA OT exams? If you want some high quality, free resources, check out Astranti's free study texts, exam practice kit chapters and mini-mocks. There's no harm in being ahead of the game!

For anybody currently revising for an OT exam, I'd like to personally highlight just how important it is to test your knowledge with mock exams before you go into the real thing. Astranti offer five mock exams that can be sat under timed conditions and come with comprehensive feedback - for every individual subject! Make sure you check those out if you want to be sure of success in your CIMA OTs.

I hope this post has been helpful, and most importantly, inspired you to achieve CIMA success! Don't forget to like Astranti on Facebook and follow Astranti on Twitter. Until next time, happy studying!

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