Thursday, 17 August 2017

Here's how to study away from your laptop...

Sometimes it feels as though students' other commitments prevent them from studying as hard as they should. Well, this doesn't have to be the case - not all CIMA revision has to be done at a desk. In fact, you can learn well no matter where you happen to be, as long as you are prepared. 

Here's how to revise when you can't get to your computer... 

I know you CIMA students have very busy lives and many of you are balancing your studies with full time employment. I also know that sometimes personal or work commitments mean that revising on the go or in a new location is your only option. With this in mind, let me share some advice on how to revise for your CIMA exams away from technology!

Firstly, make sure you always have a physical copy of the CIMA study text on you. I can't stress how important this is, because when you're on the move or in an unfamiliar location, laptops can run out of battery, plug sockets can be scarce and internet connection is not guaranteed!

If you didn't know, Astranti offer printable CIMA study texts for all OT modules and all case studies, for just £9.99 each. I would seriously advise you get hold of one of these and print it off if you have any travel-studying scheduled.

As you read through the text, you will need to make notes to ensure you are absorbing the information. Therefore, as well as the printed CIMA study text, always make sure you have pens and spare paper with you. The process of reading a portion of text and then re-writing it in your own words will help you absorb the content quickly and efficiently - this process is ten times as valuable as just reading the CIMA text!

Another useful tip is to use a highlighter to draw attention to important points in the text, or to areas you want to revisit. However, I must hastily add, you shouldn't go crazy with the highlighting the CIMA text! Instead, you should be very selective with what you highlight, and by no means highlight the text instead of taking notes. 

The best way to use highlighting as a revision tool is to highlight your own notes as you re-read them. This way you are revisiting information that you have already put into your own words once and therefore helping your brain to better retain it. However, even when highlighting your own notes, you should still be sparing.

If you spend a lot of time studying for CIMA away from your laptop and you have already managed to make a whole set of highlighted notes, I would advise you create a second set of notes, based on your own notes this time. By this stage you will have converted the material into your own words twice over, so the knowledge you need for your CIMA exam should be well and truly ingrained.

Of course, you can only really put all this on-the-go revision to the test by quizzing yourself with questions. So, when you finally do get to sit down with your laptop, I suggest you get hold of Astranti's exam practice kits for further revision. Alternatively, test yourself under timed conditions with Astranti's OT or case study mock exams.

I hope this has been helpful for all you CIMA students! Don't forget to follow Astranti on Twitter and like us on Facebook to get the latest info on all Astranti discounts and offers. Until next time, happy studying!

By Sapphire Plant

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